Michigan Golf Course Reviews

The Jackal Golf Club at Mt. Brighton - fifth hole

Conquer the ski hill of The Jackal Golf Club at Mt. Brighton

The owners at Mt. Brighton were a little late to the party in transforming their ski hill into a golf course. Popular in Michigan, ski hills provide the elevated tee shots golfers love. The challenge always is how to mix slopes and fairways without screwing up either sport. Jerry Matthews, who has designed more golf courses in Michigan than anyone, successfully weaved the two together at The Jackal Golf Club, for the most part.
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Coyote Preserve Golf Club - hole 16

Beware of the "Coyote Trap" at the Coyote Preserve Golf Club

The par-5, par-3, par-5 finish at Coyote Preserve Golf Club is known as the "Coyote Trap," and it can rip your heart out. Coyote Preserve enjoys a certain status as one of a small handful of Arnold Palmer designs in Michigan. The debate about which is best can go on for hours, but Coyote Preserve can take pride in being in the conversation, Jason Scott Deegan writes.
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LochenHeath Golf Club

LochenHeath Golf Club in Williamsburg makes miracle comeback after two-year closure

The reopening of LochenHeath Golf Club after a two-year closure can be traced to the unwavering commitment of a handful of its original members. But can the course maintain its momentum in a state that is losing more players than it is gaining? Jason Scott Deegan has more on LochenHeath.
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