Hole Profile - The Fourth Hole at OTC's Valley Course Is a Challenge

By Ray Brewer, Contributor

MONTAGUE, Mich. - The Old Channel Trail Golf Course in western Michigan has three courses, giving course officials 27 holes to show off to its customers.

Out of these 27 holes, course owner Meriam Leake says that hole No.4 on OTC's course entitled The Valley would be the club's signature hole.

This hole has everything a golfer is looking for. It can be challenging for some while at the same time relaxing for other.

Luckily for us, Leake has some pointers on how to attack the hole as well as give her reasoning as to why this is a must-play.

THE HOLE: Hole No. 4 is a par-three, with a 215-yard distance from the back tees.

ARCHITECT: Jerry Matthews

THE LAYOUT: The hole overlooks Lake Michigan - a view that is worthy of a quick picture to show your friends. This hole also wraps around a ravine, giving it a unique appeal

It's also a great golf hole. The 215-yard distance from the back tees offer a challenge, yet from the red or blue tees, the toughness of the hole is eliminated.

"For the low handicap golfer, it is real daunting from the back tee," Leake said. "From the forward tees, it only 90 yards out and a lot of fun."

THE STRATEGY: Plain and simple, stay away from the left. That's where you'll find a bunker as well as much of the ravine.

"Try to hit the green on your tee shot," Leake said. "Don't miss your shot to the left, but the ravine comes around and there is also a trap."

In terms of club selection, it all boils down to what each golfer believes they can land on the green.

"I saw Tiger Woods use a five-iron from 205-yards out on television," Leake said. "So that if you can hit it and anything up to a wood."

Classification: public
Guest policy: open
Dress code: no tanks tops, respectable
Phone number: 231-894-5076

Ray Brewer, Contributor

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