Hole Profile: No. 15 at Grandville's Maple Hill

By Ray Brewer, Contributor

GRANDVILLE, Mich. - Every golf course has one of these holes.

It's a hole that seems easy to conquer, yet challenging at the same time.

But the challenge is where the problem arises.

You know the macho-golfer that thinks his drive will clear any water hazard or set of trees.

Then, before you know it, this confident golfer is facing a 15-foot putt for triple bogey.

At Maple Hill Golf Course in Grandville, Mich., hole No. 15 is exactly like the above scenario.

If you play this hole conservatively, then you can save your scorecard. However if you try to cut a few shots off the easiest route to the green, you will pay the price.

Here's a look at the hole.

THE HOLE: It's a par-five, 450-yards from the back tees.

THE LAYOUT: "It's a fairly short par-5," course representative Andy Kitchen said of the hole. "There are well over 100-foot tall trees protecting the green [on the left]. You have to attack on the right, but there is a pond on the right."

The trees are where the gamble comes into play. Many golfers think they are clear the trees.

Maybe they should think again.

"The trees are just bears out there to tell you the truth," Kitchen said.

THE STRATEGY: Rule No. 1: avoid the trees.

"If you can hit the ball long enough and stay to the right of the fairway you can reach the green in two shots," Kitchen said. "You have to be on the right because if you go to the left, the trees knock you down."

Kitchen claims day in and day out, there are golfers who challenge the trees. He says their scorecards always read six, seven or eight for the hole.

Something else to be aware of on this hole is the short greens. Kitchen warns to be careful to not hit your approach past the green.

DON"T PLAY: Kitchen says the average golfers should hit about irons on their first two shots - each traveling about 160 yards.

Then, you'll have an easy chip onto the green.

But don't try to clear the trees.

"Be content with hitting it on the fairway," Kitchen said. "The people I see gamble, don't turn in very good scores."

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Ray Brewer, Contributor

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