There's Something Ordinary About Glen Oaks Country Club

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. - It was a bright sunny morning in the beginning of August, a great day to play golf. I decided to go to a golf course to have a pleasant smooth-running fun round of golf. I chose to play Glen Oaks Country Club because it was the closest course to my house and it had some open tee times in the afternoon.

We walked into the clubhouse which was very nice, including a restaurant, but the course doesn't have a pro shop or driving range. The rates are very respectable, it is only $11 on a weekday for 9 holes. So then I walked down to the starter and we had to wait 35 minutes just to tee off! Not my idea of a smooth flowing golf course!

The course itself is not that long from the tees. It is only 5,800 yards. This is a very easy course. It only has about an average of one bunker per hole and is very open on the fairways and near the green. The course only has four ponds and they are merely the size of a swimming pool!

The course is maintained horribly. Every fairway is beat up like you wouldn't believe; I could not find a good solid lie in the fairway all day long! I was either under sand, in a divot, or in a little water hole. The greens were horrendous. All of them were basically beat up. It seemed like not one golfer all day had replaced their ball mark! The grain was terrible on the green, and the ball moved very slow on the greens as well.

Overall, if you are wanting to play a competitive round with your friends at a nice golf course, I would not suggest this golf course. But if you want to have a cheap, fun round hacking at the ball without keeping score, this course would be just perfect. This is just another below average public course. I hope that you will take my advice.

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