There's no better place to golf than northern Michigan, writes Bob Tremmel

When it comes to golf there's no better place to play than northern Michigan in the summer or the Fall for that matter. The days are so long that 54 holes is common in June and July. Some play 72!

Golf courses like Arcadia Bluffs and Bay Harbor Golf Club are aesthetically among the most beautiful in the country. Everyone I know whose played Whistling Straits and Arcadia Bluffs say Arcadia is better. If you're not up to paying over $150.00 a round, courses like The Crown and The Heathlands are the best dollar value you'll find. If you're a Senior you can play for less than $35.00 with a cart. By the way Arcadia can be played for $85.00 on Tuesdays if you're 62 or older. After September 15 all the prices go down and the weather is good till near the end of October.

I have a condo at Crystal Mountain, the No. 1 ski resort in the midwest. They also have two wonderful golf courses, which after 2PM in the summer can be played for less than $50.00. After 2 PM many can still get in 36 if they play fast. I go up for a week each month from May to October. As soon as I leave I can't wait to get back.

If you're into golf, or fishing or boating for that matter, there's no better place than northern Michigan.

Bob Tremmel

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