Reader enjoyed Michigan's Dutch Hollow but wanted water

I played the Dutch Hollow Golf Club in Durand, Mich. for the first time in almost 20 years, and did not notice any change to speak of: greens were large and in good condition, the fairways were wide and cut short, the front nine was a little harder than the back nine, with water in play on five of the nine holes, the back nine has three par 3s, and both nines are easy to walk and take your time to enjoy.

My favorite hole is No. 18, a dogleg to the left. It's tempting to cut the dog leg by going over the fence on the driving range, (I didn't check to see if this is allowed). Now for the rough part, I played both nines a week apart and there was no water to drink at any hole on either, I could not believe it!!

A bathroom on the course with running water and no drinking water any where on the course, several portable toilets to be found, but no WATER. Oh well, the course is excellent condition, and I will continue to play there (if they let me after this). Come and enjoy, just bring water, I will.

-Jack Jones Owosso

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